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Colored memories

Today I got a hold of a lost gem, which sent me back in time…

My cousin Sébastien Caldas (which founded Sugar magazine with me in 1998) told me he still had the hi-res of the image we created for the cover of issue 37. In January 2004 (I believe?) Cliché Skateboards had organized a trip to Casablanca, which sounded like the best idea in the middle of a freezing winter. These few days ended up being an eye opener on many things, especially by witnessing how young people from Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Portugal and Sweden would perceive the same place they all discovered together. I could write a short novel about that trip, but let’s say that seeing Pontus Alv ego totally deflate in the middle of the neighborhood hammam is a priced memory! That and witnessing for the first time the magic of Javier Mendizabal.

Needless to say, I came back with photos that told an interesting story and something that encapsulate the spirit of skateboarding to me. Including one black and white photograph of Javier nosegrinding up a ledge, which we thought, could make for a great cover, if only…

If only it was colored as a vintage postcard! Sébastien, the art director of the magazine until a couple years ago, labored on this for the next two days, and came up with this:

Here is the original framing and absence of colors, as it would finally be seen in the Cliché anniversary book, Résumé (more on that in a minute) years later.

I always quite sherished that photo, for what it reminds me of, what it shows, but also for the collaborative process that made it even better. Great job, Seb!

And while we’re at it, here is the opener for that article, which I was quite proud of, also:

Here, you can watch the Henrik Edelbo take on that trip, all shot on Super 8, because, well, why not? The, hum, amazing narrative is done by the one and only Jérémie Daclin, the mastermind behind that trip. This was inserted in the magazine as a, believe it or not, CD-video, or some pre-DVD format that nobody (including me) remembers the name of. How avant-garde…

See how I managed to avoid the “Rock the Kasbah” line here?

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