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So, if you are still trying to recover from that “U2 incident”, when you woke up a recent morning with their newest album forced on your electronic devices, you’re in luck: The Mattson 2 just released a new EP!

Here are two pictures snapped on a very special night on Mexican shores, back in 2007, when I got the chance to see and hear them do their thing for the first time…
Good times, good times!

So, put your best mod suit on, and go shopping for the best modern jazz music you could ask for, at your local music store (I know, I know), or get it directly from the good people at Um Yeah Arts.

And they might not have the same connections as Bono, but “Agar” is available on iTunes, also

Oh, and if you think you’re not a “Jazz person”, just relax and blast this

You’ll see.


If you are vaguely interested in these two great occupations that are skateboarding and photography, the name Brian Gaberman must be familiar… Well, we just published a little interview with one of the sharpest eye to ever document skateboarding and skateboarders…

You can read it over here.

The portraits illustrating the piece were shot on a cold dark Berlin day, this past Janurary… Once again T-Max 3200 came through, via a fine piece of 90’s technology, the Ricoh GR-1.


It was great meeting Brian again, after all those years… And thank him for the inspiration!

Safari life

The good people at Safari clothing asked me to contribute to their ten year anniversary book, celebrating the Swiss clothing brand started by the Kampfen brothers and friends…

Since I haven’t documented much of the Switzerland skateboarding scene, let’s say my contribution was quite modest…

Here it is: Luc Kampfen, backside smith, just outside of Lugano…

I was visiting the Warriors, and Luc seems like a honorary member of sorts of the gang. This was a great week-end, and the only time I ever got a ticket for skateboarding. It still hold it dearly, off course.

I most likely could write twenty pages about the night that lead to this… But not now.

Anyway, Safari is a labor of love from skaters, so if you are interested to check out what they do, head over there.

And you can cope the book, here.

In print

Recently got asked to do a little portfolio and interview feature by Spanish magazine, Lamono… Their theme was "darkness" but I’m not sure how I did not go the other way with my selection, though.

Quite pleased at how it came out, still.

You can check out the magazine over here.

An American in Paris

I had coffee with the young author, Scott H. Bourne, this morning, which reminded me this portrait I shot of him that got published in French magazine, Sugar, alongside an interview about his first published novel, A Room With No Windows.



If you are interested in checking out this real life inspired story, you will find it here:

Oh, if somehow you had no idea who Mark Gonzales is… Well, now you know!

A Berlin flashback…

While doing a digital house cleaning of sorts, I found those pics from when I walked in the Berlin chapter of the 15 Years of Gonz exhibition, the day before the opening.

Mark Gonzales newest paintings were lying on the ground, and Joe Brook and my own wall were getting worked on. Mark was signing those amazing prints, also. Couldn’t have picked up a better time!

This one is from the opening night, and was shot by Florian Hopfensperger.

I’ll say it does put a smile on my face…

That’s a pretty ecclectic, yet solid crew to roll with, I’d say: Jim Greco, Skin Phillips, Mark G and Joe Brook!

The 15 Years of Gonz exhibition will be travelling the world over the next months, so check it out if you get the chance.

Tonight in NYC?

I am very pleased, and honoured (to say the least) to be part of FOLKLORE, a group show curated by Evan Hecox for the Joshua Liner Gallery!


If you can’t make it, you can still have a look at a great deal of the amazing pieces that will be on display, here:

FOLKLORE will run till August 2nd.

Dyslexia in Los Angles


Last night, the Adidas exhibition about 15 years of Mark Gonzales kickstarted at the HVW8 gallery, and it will be open to the public all this week-end.

It seems like the whole night was a success, and…



Ha, you can always count on Mark to make things a bit more interesting than expected!

Might have to change my first name, now…

Anyway, if you are in town, go check it out for yourself, the show has just been extended!